Eaton Canyon

Today I traveled into Pasadena with my friends, kids, and kid’s friends to visit the Eaton Canyon falls trail. The temperature today was in the high sixties so we were pretty comfy all day long. This trail is just over three miles round trip, but moderately rated so the three miles ended up feeling more like five to me. Please keep in mind that I am out of shape and trying to change that with hiking.

This is another trail that welcomes dogs. As a dog lover and owner myself, I really love when I see all kinds of doggies when I go on a hike. That said, I am not a fan of seeing little dogs being forced to cross streams and climb up rocks when they are quite obviously cold and scared. I am all about bringing your dogs with you for a hike, but please know your dog’s limits and bring them to trails they can handle.

1That is my daughter, Emily, in the hat standing in the field of daisies. My friends Mitch and Katie are the cute couple to the left of what I think is a Sycamore tree-ball of awesome!2One of my passions is photographing nature and this hike was full of wonderful scenery to photograph. I had a lot of fun snapping pictures of the beautiful trees, interesting rocks, clear streams, and weird plants. I couldn’t help but feel small while looking around at the steep sides of the mountain as we walked through the canyon.

It was really fun testing out just how waterproof my hiking shoes were today as we did cross several streams throughout the journey. My friend Katie and I stopped to take a pic early on so that we would still have the energy to smile. 😉4Above is my son Brandon modeling a rather large hole in the rock. Blue shirt above is me. I don’t always take selfies, but when I do, I’m hiking. Which now that I think about it, is a terrible idea because when I hike I never have makeup on, my hair is always a mess, and I’m usually sweaty…oh well. 🙂3

5My son Connor is above enjoying the view…just kidding, I made him stand that way for the picture. I think it turned out great though!6Brandon crossing a dam and to the right of him is the prettiest moth in all the land!7I learned a few lessons today. The first one was what a moderate rated hike feels like on my feet and legs, and the second was that they are not kidding when they say something is highly trafficked. Never before today have I every felt claustrophobic while hiking in the outdoors. There were so many people that at times it felt like we were waiting in line for an amusement park ride, but we were only waiting to cross a stream. Don’t let the pictures fool you, we were never alone! Ever! I just did a very good job waiting for people to walk by, or cropping people out of my pictures. To get the waterfall picture below, I am standing in front of and betwixt about fifty people.8Even with all of the people and the tiny sad doggies, this was a beautiful hike. I really enjoyed spending the day with my family and friends. I am glad that we tried out this trail and even more excited for the next one. My legs and feet have seven days to rest up! Next weekend we are hiking at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. Stay tuned!





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