Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve ®

My three kids, mother in-law, and I got a very late start for this hike. We didn’t even arrive until after 3 PM! Getting to this hiking location was not difficult. I found figuring out where to park a little tricky only because I wasn’t paying attention to the signs. 😐 Lessons were learned today. Pay attention to and look for signage! Once we found the parking area and paid the $15 per car usage fee we were ready to roll. (They accept card payments! Yay!)


I did make the mistake of parking in the parking lot at the lot located at the bottom next to the beach access. It wasn’t until we had climbed up the road that I realized there was parking further up and we could have driven up to start from the top rather than hoofing it up. Ultimately, the start of our hike was probably why we didn’t stay too long. We only walked a little over two miles on this hike.


The weather was wonderfully cool all day with cloud coverage the entire time we were hiking. While the cloud coverage did make for a nice cool hike, I did miss the sunshine when it came to getting my shots of the day. I have made a promise to myself to go back to get some sunny shots and try out some different trails since we only checked out two of them.


The first trail we tried out was the Parry Grove Trail. This is a loop trail with amazing plant garden at the start.




There are many beautiful views off of this trail. Going down a rather large set of stone steps took us closer to the beach bluffs and the sound and smell of the ocean. Remember, this is a loop trail so if you go down the stone steps you will be going back up them to return. 🙂






The second trail we tried was Guy Fleming Trail. This is another loop trail bringing you closer to the beach by walking along the edge of the overlooking bluffs.







There are several water fountains scattered throughout the reserve which was very nice even though we brought our own water. You are not allowed to eat anywhere on the reserve! People seem to be very respectful of this rule and the grounds show as a result. It is absolutely beautiful everywhere! No trash to be seen anywhere. I have never experienced such clean trails before.



It was today that I realized how long it has been since I had been to the beach. I had forgotten how much I love the beach. Today’s hike was wonderful and I can’t wait to come back!

To learn more about the reserve, visit their website by clicking here.

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