Doane Valley Nature Trail

Today I went hiking with my son Brandon and friend Katie. The trail we tried out is located in the Palomar Mountain State Park.

If you love feeling like you are alone in the woods with the amazing trees, singing birds, and a babbling creek; this is the hike for you. It was so peaceful and very lightly trafficked. It was also a pretty easy hike. We had a few fallen trees to climb over and a small steam to cross but that was really the hardest part of the trail. This route we took was about 3.23 miles long and 7,354 steps according to my watch.

When we got to the park entrance nobody was manning the booth yet so we put our $10 day fee into the envelope and took the permit end to place in our window. I am unsure if they accept other forms of payment but bring a ten and you are set. After paying, there was a bit more of a drive to get to the parking area.


There is a bathroom and a pond where you can fish very close to the parking area. In addition to some good hiking trails, there are a few places to camp next to the trail we were on. We only heard the sounds of people in a few areas, the rest of the time we seemed to be utterly alone. We only came across two people while hiking next to one of the camp sites.



Today’s adventure had a ton of fog and forty-four degree weather! It was a bit cold, but the fog made for some very neat photo opportunities. 🙂







At one point on our trail we came across thousands, yes I mean thousands, of ladybugs. They were actually all along the trail. We tried really hard not to step on them but it was quite impossible due to the amount and length they covered. I have never seen so many ladybugs in one spot before. It was actually pretty cool to see.  The next few pictures is what I like to call Ladybug Alley.




DSC_0089Loads of pine cones!






I love this trail and would recommend trying it out. If you like camping, I recommend you camp and go hiking! 🙂

Check out the Palomar Mountain park page for more details.


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