Black Star Canyon Falls

Today’s hike was another lesson learning hike for me. Accompanying me on today’s lesson were all three of my kids who may not want to ever go on a hike with me again!

This hike is located in Silverado, California which is a little over an hour from where we live. We arrived at the parking area at around 8 am. I was a bit saddened by the lack of porta-potty or bathrooms in general but I also understand that those take money to maintain and I didn’t have to pay to park so overall I was okay with it. 

After reading several reviews of this hike I felt prepared wearing a tank top, jeans to cover my legs, and hiking boots that went up past my ankles. Everyone was carrying their own backpack with snack and two water bottles. 




The first leg of the hike was pretty laid back as you are walking on a paved and dirt road for a good long way. You cross three bridges and then you reach the sign that tells you the falls are to the right. For the most part the trail was pretty easy to find. I would bet that the trails on this hike change during winter when there is a lot of water blocking paths or making land slides cover up the trails. We followed the creek up and up and up only going on the actual trails when things got rough. We had other hikers  near or around us for the entire hike. Everyone was pretty friendly and courteous. It was fun pointing out to other fellow hikers the salamanders we found in certain parts of the creek. 



When I saw the first batch of rocks we were going to need to scramble over I thought, okay here we go it’s about to get difficult. Wow! Difficult is not quite the right word! Ludicrous of me to attempt this hike without having more experience under my belt is a much better way to express the feeling. In addition to not being in the shape because I don’t like routine exercise, I am 5′ 3″ and my daughter is about an inch shorter than me. It was often very tricky trying to climb over some of the rock areas. 

My boys on the other hand seemed to embody mountain goat abilities as they were leaping from rock to rock with little to no trouble at all. Unfortunately, what we quickly learned after 3 miles of hiking is you are using three times the amount of energy to climb over the rocks. Unfortunately, I did not get any really good shots of the crazy rocks we had to climb over as I tucked my camera into my backpack for fear I was going to hit it on a rock and break it. 







What was only three miles felt like six and we were almost out of water. I new there was one more mile until the falls and that all four of us were just about out of water. It was with a lot of regret that we turned back and started the trek back to the car without ever having reached the falls. Pictured above is the rock of NOPE! Nope, we are not going any farther.



The temperature was pretty decent for our entire hike. The way back to the car on the other hand was 87 degrees and felt more like 101! The last mile and half all of us were out of water which made it much worse. There was hardly any shade to hide in along the road at this point since it was 11:30 already. We stopped periodically in whatever shade we could find and managed to make it back to the car in one piece. With the air conditioner on full blast we went to the nearest location for drinks. Thank you for fast food chains with delicious libations!

Don’t get me wrong, this was a beautiful hike and would have been a lot better had I worked up to it instead of trying out a hard trail without being ready. I also cannot stress the need to bring plenty of water. I will for sure be packing more water and bringing a cooler with additional water to leave in my car for all future hikes.

Today’s crazy adventure was 6.42 miles and 14,133 steps. Hence the 2 hour nap we all took when we got home! 🙂


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