Santa Margarita River Trail

Santa Margarita
After my Bridge to Nowhere adventure I was seeking out a hike that was a little more laid back. In other words, not a crazy amount of mileage with large drops and whatnot’s! The Santa Margarita River Trail was just the ticket!
Today I brought my mother in-law Sandi, friend Sara, furry friend Maverick, and furry friend Rogue. πŸ˜‰ Maverick and Rogue are Sara’s two amazing Border Collies. Having those two fluffs with us today really made the day that much better!
We got to the parking lot and trail head just before 8 am in hopes of getting our hiking done before the arrival of the heat. There weren’t many cars in the dirt lot when we got there so we found a spot without any trouble.
Β 3
This hike was very pretty with plenty of beautiful trees to shade most of the trails. There were only a few parts of the trail that got a bit narrow and had a spattering of rocks to avoid. Nothing too crazy though. Quite a bit of the trail was actually loose sand. It was kind of funny to feel like you are in the forest but walking through a sandy beach at the same time.
Maverick and Rogue had a wonderful time splashing in the water for a few minutes. They were so happy having their moment in the sun it truly made my day. Rogue was so excited she was leaping and splashing around with glee. You couldn’t help but have fun right along with her even if you weren’t running and splashing along too. If you would like to see the frolic in action you can find it towards the end of the video below.
Full disclosure, we did not do the entire hike! We walked as far as we could until we found ourselves with a decision to make. We could go straight crossing the pretty large and rather deep river or turn right and go across a narrow trail which looked like it had the potential for four-bying and poisonous plants. We were trying to decide the best plan when a nice man let us know that there were a lot of wasps along the trail to the right. Since none of us were feeling up for a swim we decided to throw in the towel and head back to the car.
This hike didn’t take very long at all. We were maybe out there for two hours and only because we stopped to relax and let the doggies have some fun. I don’t image it would take much longer if we had done the whole trail.
It was actually good that we stopped when we did because any later and it would have been too hot for the doggies.
According to my watch I did 3.41 miles and 8,184 steps. I would like to go back to this trail at some point and cross the river to see what adventures the trails hold on the other side. Until then, happy hiking! πŸ™‚

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