Michael D. Antonovich Trail

Michael D Antonovich Trail


I am sad to say that my computer and I had a miscommunication which resulted in all but two of my GoPro videos being deleted before I could download them! Sadness! On the bright side, I had watched the videos beforehand and found that my GoPro battery had died before it captured Brandon and I sword fighting with our water bottles or getting freaked out my the hundreds of funnel spider webs and their creepy spiders! These events have brought me to two conclusions: One, I do not want my computer to go to sleep when the eye tracking software doesn’t sense me sitting in front of it and two, I may need to invest in an additional battery for my GoPro. Lessons learned…now moving on!



I found this trail using AllTrails and it sparked my interest because it had loads of trees and a creek to cross! Side note: this trail was named after the politician and former member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich.


Brandon and I set out for this trail at 6:30 in the morning. I had read on AllTrails that parking can be scarce after 8 am so I wanted to get there as early as possible to start our day. We arrived at 7:30 and snagged the second to last “parking spot.” The parking for this trail is a pretty decent sized dirt shoulder at the trail head. Space is limited so get there early if you can.


There are several instances where you will need to cross the water to continue the trail. The water level when we went was pretty low so we were able to cross effortlessly and didn’t get wet. Well I did get one of my ankles wet one time when I tripped over my own feet but I won’t count that if you don’t! 😉


Three quarters of this trail are covered in the shade of wonderful trees which is super nice if you plan to hike in warm weather. This is also a rather short hike and can be completed in under 2 hours if you wanted to. The hike is pretty easy with only one incline on the way back up to the parking area. You will notice this immediately on your way in as you will be walking down it to start your hike.



This hike is nestled in between houses which I honestly found pretty entertaining. Some rather beautiful property lines back up to the trail you walk on. Their farm animals watched us as we walked by!


Listening to the water behind the wall.


It was sort of sad to see how much graffiti persisted throughout this trail. Several of the trees here and there had bright blue spray paint showing through the cosmetic brown paint which was an attempt to hide the graffiti. Rocks were painted and so were the walls of the bridges. Other than the graffiti the trails are well kept with next to no trash.


I don’t think so
Walking along the farm house backyards


Little bird


Walking this trail was rather interesting. There were parts of the trail where we came out of the woods and walked up into a parking area with a picnic. I will say that part was rather odd, but we kept our path and trudged through the parking lots and picnic areas and followed the signs to the end of the trail.


Critters in the water
Squirrel friend
Nope 2



While this hike was beautiful and different from the other hikes I have tried so far, I do not find a need to go back and do it again. I do however encourage you to try this hike out to see what you think.

Until next time…happy trails!


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