Sturtevant Falls – Angeles National Forest

Sturtevant Falls

I have not been hiking since the hike to the mine with my son Brandon. It felt really good to get back at it but also a little sad because he wasn’t with me for this one. However, I am glad to have had my fellow hiking enthusiast Kirsten with me for today’s adventure.


There is a $5 day use fee to park for this hike. It is heavily trafficked so when we arrived just before 8 am there were already people parking miles away from the tiny parking lot and hiking down the road to the trail head. We kept driving past everyone in hopes that we would have some luck to find a parking spot. As luck would have it, Adam’s Pack Station has a valet service where you can park in their small parking area for $20. They take your car key so that they can move vehicles around if they need to. We opted for this route and made it just in time as the lot was full shortly after we parked. The Pack Station sells the day passes as well as cold drinks, ice cream, and snack items. They also accept card payments which is super handy.

The restrooms at the trail head were a little rough for my visit only because none of the stalls had toilet paper. Bring your own and you should be fine.



This hike is a moderate one with the most challenging parts being at the beginning or the end depending on how you would like to look at it. The trail head starts down a rather steep paved road that takes you down to the actual trail where you walk among the trees and Santa Anita Wash. The road is a 0.54 miles walk down hill on the way in and then your return trip is up hill.

I’m shaking my fist at you Roger! 😐
Looking at the tiny people and knowing that that will be us for the next group of people and then promptly freaking out about the trekking back up the hill later.


There are a lot of people on this trail as it does have a waterfall and beautiful scenery. Another thing that makes this trail unique is that there are 81 antique cabins only accessible by the footpath! Adam’s Pack Station delivers supplies via donkey, yes donkey, year round to this secluded community. There are also cabins that you can rent as well!

Here is where the road started to get narrow and more trail like.


Even though there were a lot of people we had a great time hearing the wonderful sounds of nature and getting surprised every time we spotted yet another cabin hidden in the trees. We also were able to check out some neat salamanders that live in the wash.


The first salamander spotting of the day was no where near the water.


Snow White’s first home 😉
A dinosaur…just kidding!


Salamander Love
50 foot Sturtevant Falls
His name is Punkin’
Salamanders “hugging”

We made it back to Adam’s Pack Station a little before noon and could smell the BBQ before we could see it. We ordered burgers and cold drinks and sat on the patio of the station while we ate them. They tasted amazing on so many levels. The station kitty jumped up on our table to say hello.


Very pregnant goat on the right. 🙂

I recommend checking this place out if you have an opportunity to.

Until next time…happy trails.

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