Hulda Crooks Park California

Hulda Crooks Park

It has been quite a while since I have been on a hike. I had almost forgotten how much I love hiking. The summer was very hot which makes for not so pleasant hiking. We put our house up for sale so when the weather was nice enough to go hiking we were either having an open house or waiting to get a call to show our house. Needless to say I was MORE THAN READY to go on this hike.


I chose this hiking location because it looked like we could make our hike as long and as difficult as we wanted to which would be perfect for just getting back into it. I was right! There are a number of trails on this hike. The trail head has a map with the trails labeled by difficulty. I started to take a picture of the trail map when I realized my camera did not have a SD card in it… 😐 Back in the car it went and Kirsten and I were off again.


Mostly dirt
Fork in the road or bush in the road?


My goofy shadow and beautiful sky!
More dirt!

We had walked for about a mile and I wasn’t sure if I liked the hike. There aren’t any trees and there isn’t much to look at really. We found an opportunity to start an incline to get out of the boring canyon we were in and the changed everything for me. The view at the top was pretty awesome. There was a lot more to see from up there and the wind was pretty cool. Literally. I was sweating so the cold air felt great! 😉



If you plan to try out this trail, wear good hiking shoes if you plan to go back in the hills. A lot of the trails are steep bike trails. Good shoes will help a lot!

One crazy such hill we did NOT face plant on! Yay us!
Crevice of Doom 

Try this hike out and see what you think. I would strongly suggest going during the winter months. I can’t imagine how hot this place gets in the summer.


Until next time…happy trails!


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